Customer Case Study – Thales

SAFe® at 35000 feet

The leading airlines in the world rely on Thales InFlyt Experience to enhance the travel journey and to create engaging and personalized experiences for their passengers.  We shape the future of travel through an amazing portfolio of inflight entertainment solutions and digital services that connect and inspire people throughout their journey.

At Thales, success depends on innovation, competitiveness, and teamwork to meet and exceed customer expectations.  We design and develop highly complicated integrated hardware and software solutions, within a regulated environment globally. We chose SAFe to help ensure our success.

In our session we will cover:

  • Who we are
  • Why we chose SAFe
  • How we implemented SAFe
  • What SAFe has done for us – successes!
  • Where we have had challenges

We will explain how we implemented SAFe for a cyber-physical system in a highly regulated environment and utilized the framework to achieve our goals of:

  • Reduce release cycle time
  • Control costs
  • Improve solution quality
  • Higher employee engagement

We will share the challenges we faced in our implementation.

  • Applying Lean-Agile to complicated integrated hardware and software systems
  • Being SAFe in the highly regulated aviation industry
  • DevOps and simulating the aircraft environment
  • Adapting SAFe to project based accounting

Lastly, we will share with you the best practices that helped us succeed and may help you succeed in your SAFe journey.

  • Training
  • Change Agents

Your Presenters:

  • Ted Tomoyasu  SPC4, PMP, SSBB – Director of Program Management – Thales InFlyt Experience
  • Robert Magnusson SPC4, SSBB – Continuous Improvement Project Manager – Thales InFlyt Experience
  • Armond Mehrabian SPCT4, PMP, CSP – President – Portofino Solutions Inc.

Location: Cibolo Canyon 8-11 Date: October 5, 2017 Time: 1:50 pm - 2:35 pm Armond Mehrabian Ted Tomoyasu Robert Magnusson