Lightning Talks (click here for more details)

The System Team: Demystified
Presented by: Marc Rix

The System Team is a powerful SAFe concept that is often poorly executed. This talk presents simple patterns for building System Teams that enable continuous delivery and spread DevOps culture.

Change Management Towards an Agile World
Presented by: Bryn Hughes

Enabling a successful organizational transition from a waterfall model to an agile delivery one requires significant change management effort to succeed. Focus in this talk is on how best to achieve this and what to plan for.

Measure Your SAFe Health and Maturity
Presented by: Sally Elatta

The AgilityHealth SAFe agile radars provide a powerful way to assess the health of your release trains and portfolios by digging deeper into the key dimensions for success and visualizing the results. Learn more about the updates made to support SAFe 4.5.

Agile for Parents – How do You Apply the Approaches You Use in Your Work Life to Your Parenting
Presented by: Srikant Mantravadi

How do you apply the approaches you use in your work life to your parenting. Can your agile processes be applied to how you treat your children. Srikant Mantravadi presents a few tips and tricks. You’ll have fun, learn a few things and benefit from the exchange.

If You Can’t Say ‘No’ Your ‘Yes’ Means Nothing
Presented by: Chip Loving

How to use “The Action Cycle” to not only satisfy but to delight your customer. “The Action Cycle” is a four Phase approach that helps leaders and team members stay on track to deliver the highest value deliverables through requests, offers, negotiations, and declaring satisfaction.

Location: Cibolo Canyon 8-11 Date: October 5, 2017 Time: 10:55 am - 12:30 pm Marc Rix Bryn Hughes Sally Elatta Srikant Mantravadi Chip Loving