Lightning Talks (click here more for details)

ATDD/BDD Enables DevOps
Presented by: Ken Pugh

The continuous delivery of business value by DevOps is enabled with test automation. You need to have the right tests and automate them in the right way to ensure effective testing. With ATDD/BDD, product owners, testers, and developers create the right tests that describe the desired behavior of the system.

What are the Benefits of Agile Portfolio Management?
Presented by: Maarit Laanti

What are the benefits of agile portfolio management? How does Lean-Agile budgeting support growth mindset?

Money to Burn? 7 Unsafe Wastes of the Modern Enterprise
Presented by: Laura M. Powers

Can your organization afford to waste time, money and brain cells today? It’s been decades since Taiichi Ohno of Toyota Production Systems identified 7 wastes in Lean Manufacturing. Let’s fast forward to the 21st century and explore a new spin on 7 unsafe wastes in the modern enterprise.

Speaking the Language of Systems Engineering
Presented by: Kelly Weyrauch

The language of Agile is well-established for software, but in the domain of big-systems development, Agile models are sometimes viewed as contrary to the guidance provided by the ISO 15288 Systems Engineering Standard. Let’s explore how the language of SAFe can align with the methods of Systems Engineering.

Value Deconstructed: Identifying and Defining Value Streams for Scaled Agile Transformations
Presented by: Gail Ferreira

Identifying and defining value streams is one of the most important (and difficult) areas to define for enterprise agile transformations using Scaled Agile methods (SAFe). In this lightning talk, we will explore how to uncover value from existing programs to create value streams for Scaled Agile transformation initiatives.

Location: Grand Oaks R-S Date: October 5, 2017 Time: 10:55 am - 12:30 pm Ken Pugh Maarit Laanti Laura M. Powers Kelly Weyrauch Gail Ferreira