Customer Stories

Tap into the inspiration and invaluable learnings that only come from the real-life practice of SAFe

This year we’re proud to present eight different stories, each reflecting the passion and commitment that is required for our customers to get the results that they do. Register for the Online Global SAFe Summit to access these rare behind-the-scenes stories of wins and challenges.

Double up with Porsche!

For the first time at the Summit, you’ll get two views of a transformation: one from the C-Suite (Designing the Digital Future at Porsche), and one from the people driving and managing the transformation day-to-day (Driven by Dreams: The Porsche Lean-Agile Transformation Journey). Be sure to tune into both sessions for this rare two-part story.


2021 Customer Presentations

  • CVS Health
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Porsche
  • TV Globo
  • USAF/Northrop Grumman
  • ZKH


Featured Customer Interviews

Mattias Ulbrich
Chief Information Officer of Porsche AG and CEO of Porsche Digital

Dr. Oliver Seifert
Vice President R&D Electric/Electronics of Porsche AG

Designing the Digital Future at Porsche

How the separate worlds of vehicle engineering and IT came together to reimagine the sports car of the future

Revolutionary things can happen when pizza is being served. You’ll find out why when you join Porsche visionaries Mattias Ulbrich and Dr. Oliver Seifert for a candid discussion about transforming one of the world’s most iconic motoring brands into a digital-first pacesetter.

As huge technological advances usher in an automotive renaissance, Porsche is moving at top speed to meet the evolving needs of their customers. They are fully focused on making their cars a central element of their buyers’ lifestyle through digitalization, connectivity, and electromobility. This requires business agility, a new mindset, and a new way of working together. It also requires vehicle engineering and software teams to collaborate closely and to harmonize the differing speeds at which they traditionally work. This might have been daunting for any company that is as storied and successful as Porsche. “The most important thing is that you shouldn’t underestimate that the digital world is totally different from the physical world,” says Ulbrich. But Porsche didn’t let this slow them down.[expand title=MORE targclass=”answer”]

To build bridges between the groups, the company created new opportunities for people to talk, learn, and understand each other. They created the Porsche “Takt,” the heartbeat that synchronizes the teams. They focus on results and communicate the vision in a way that motivates people to visualize opportunities in change. Says Ulbrich, “If you look right now in a team, you couldn’t distinguish whether a person is from R&D, IT, sales, or marketing. They work together.”


Rebecca Davis
Director of the Agile COE within CVS Health Digital

Matthew Huang
Senior Product Manager of Immunizations

Randy Kendel
Release Train Engineer of Immunizations

Caitlin Clifford
Senior Director of Digital Health Services

CVS Health #OneStepCloser

When empowerment and urgency come together, anything is possible.

Join four agile leaders at CVS Health to learn how they banded together to form teams out of existing trains in order to tackle their monumental, and ever-evolving COVID response.

What does it look like when all roles across an operational value stream truly come together without the usual complexity and roadblocks that come with being in a large organization? How did they show up, lead with heart, and truly live their values? And what lessons were learned that other organizations can take away from this extraordinary experience.

More Stories from Around the Globe

Deutsche Telekom

Mission Possible: The Ongoing Story of SAFe at a major European Telco

Deutsche Telekom IT moved from 0 to 130 ARTs in less than 3 years. With a new phase beginning, alignment, consolidation and relentless improvement take center stage.

USAF/Northrop Grumman

Lean-Agile Mindset and DevSecOps Adoption in a multi-Billion dollar Acquisition

Learn how two organizations worked leveraged SAFe and DevSecOps for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent program.


Driven by Dreams: The Porsche Lean-Agile Transformation Journey

Learn how the legendary automotive brand Porsche approached Lean-Agile transformation by building the Digital Product Organization.

Kaiser Permanente

KP Care At Home

Learn how SAFe enabled this US-based healthcare giant to pilot a new platform and launch an urgently needed Care at Home product during the COVID crisis.


SAFe LPM and ART Improve Business Agility and Accelerate Digital Transformation

This China-based MRO for industrial supplies leveraged SAFe to delight customers and increase online orders by 800%!

TV Globo

How enterprise agility can transform the largest media company in Latin America

Moving from Project to Product and focusing on culture helped to “seduce by the pocket, and enchant with results.”