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Engaging speakers. Compelling content. And a community that is as passionate about Agile as you are. We’re proud to offer a program that puts as much emphasis on personal connection as it does on business and technology.

Tuesday August 15

  • Partner Day

Wednesday August 16

  • Main conference day one
  • Keynote sessions
  • Customer stories
  • Technical talks
  • Welcome happy hour

Thursday August 17

  • Main conference day two
  • Keynote sessions
  • Customer stories
  • Technical talks
  • Closing dinner & party

Friday August 18

  • Post-conference workshops

Customer stories: Inspiration and invaluable learnings that only come from the real-life practice of SAFe

At this SAFe Summit, we’re proud to present unique customer stories, each reflecting the passion and commitment required by our customers to get results. Register for the 2023 SAFe Summit Nashville to hear these rare behind-the-scenes stories of collaboration, challenges, and wins. To submit a customer story application, click here.

If you have questions about submitting a customer story, please contact our Speaker Manager or use this link

Please get in touch with our Speaker Manager for any questions related to our technical talks or customer stories.

2022 SAFe Summit customer stories included: Oracle, Orange France, and more.


Accelerating Value Delivery

“Make value flow without interruptions” is a central theme of SAFe 6.0. Achieving this requires understanding flow, knowing the properties of flow systems, and employing these insights to accelerate the flow of value through a system. The stories in this track highlight successes and learnings for improving flow-based systems, and effective practices for eliminating impediments to flow.

Leadership, Strategy, and Continuous Learning

Leaders set the tone – through their communications, investments, organizational design, and the way they show up each day. Strategy sets the direction of success for the entire organization. Leaders of today must create, live, and breathe a culture of continuous learning in order to achieve accelerated strategic outcomes. These sessions demonstrate how leaders learn and grow themselves – and their organizations – through new ways of working and leading.

Enhancing Business Agility with SAFe

SAFe organizations around the world are exploring new patterns which enable their entire businesses to better learn, adapt, respond to, and capitalize on change.  To realize the benefits of agility, SAFe organizations connect across organizational boundaries to create holistic business solutions. Learn how entire organizations become more competitive through applying these emerging patterns, and see examples of applying SAFe beyond technology departments.

Sustaining Your Transformation

As a SAFe practitioner, you work differently and build the future. This reaches far beyond launching ARTS. You must inspire, build, and sustain new behaviors, norms, and practices. These sessions share stories of how people like you are successfully shifting mindsets, pursuing strategic opportunities, and capturing the capabilities of SAFe in their organizations.

Building Large Solutions

Building and evolving large enterprise solutions is a monumental effort. These systems require hundreds or thousands of engineers, and are subject to significant regulatory and compliance constraints. Large systems often host complex user journeys and experiences that cross multiple products and lines of business. These sessions demonstrate practices to utilize for engineering and evolving large solutions, simplifying complex interconnected human experiences, and coordinating large scale solutions.

SAFe Experts Coaching Station

Facing tough questions about implementing SAFe? Need guidance on the next steps? Have other questions? Look no further than the SAFe Experts Coaching Station! Get the guidance and support you need – schedule a one-on-one session with an experienced SPCT, SPCT Candidate, or SAFe Fellow to discuss your most pressing SAFe questions.


Maximize your time at the SAFe Summit with a post-conference workshop. Post-conference workshops provide a rare opportunity to dive deeply into some of the most vital SAFe practice issues with the people who created the framework. Note: You must be registered for the SAFe Summit to participate in a workshop. Cost: $695

Workshops available:

A Lean-Agile transformation will affect every part of the enterprise. As one area accelerates, it reveals bottlenecks in others. Achieving full Business Agility requires applying the Lean-Agile Mindset, Values, and Principles to all aspects of the business. SAFe transformations around the world are fostering emerging patterns that enable entire enterprises to better learn, adapt, and react to change. SAFe has released 5 Business and Technology Patterns that can be used together across all areas of a SAFe enterprise. This workshop will help attendees with techniques for launching these new patterns in a successful and sustainable way. Attendees will walk away with a plan to get started in their organization for one or more patterns.

Level: Intermediate
Who Should Attend: Change Agents, Executives, LACE Leaders, and HR, Marketing, Finance, etc.
Prerequisites: Review Business & Technology article


Delivering a continuous flow of value to customers in the ‘shortest sustainable lead time’ is vital to achieving Business Agility. SAFe 6.0 adds significant new guidance for the best ways to optimize flow, including the effective use of sound Kanban practices by teams, trains, and portfolios. The data produced by an active Kanban system feeds the flow metrics, which are critical to understanding how effectively the organization is achieving flow.

This session will equip coaches and change leaders with skills and techniques for effectively coaching flow, using SAFe 6.0 guidance. Specific focus will be placed on the best practices for configuring and evolving Kanban systems to visualize, manage, and troubleshoot flow. Attendees will design Kanban systems using their own context, and explore how to use their Kanbans to populate the flow metrics described in Measure and Grow.


Level: Intermediate
Who Should Attend: Coaches, Change Agents, Scrum Masters, SPCs, RTEs, Transformation Leaders
Prerequisites: Review Applying Kanban in SAFe article 

This workshop will provide an overview of SAFe’s comprehensive measurement model and explore how it can be applied across teams, ARTs, and portfolios. Attendees will have the opportunity to consider their own context and design a balanced metrics dashboard to support improvement at all enterprise levels.

What attendees will learn:

  • The flow tools and coaching available to them
  • Current usage of SAFe Flow Metrics within their organization
  • How each of the SAFe Flow Accelerators applies within their organization
  • How to align on actions and create a flow-based improvement backlog
  • How improvement items affect the larger flow of the value stream or Portfolio


Level: Beginner
Who Should Attend: Change Agents, Coaches, Members of the LACE / VMO, RTEs, Scrum Masters and Team Coaches
Prerequisites: Review Measure & Grow article

Though their context may differ, enterprises face similar challenges in managing complex transformations. Senior change leaders need the agility to maneuver around portfolio, strategy, technology, talent, and other cross-cutting obstacles to avoid getting stuck.   

This session will focus on the systemic, seemingly unsolvable problems you face as a change leader pursuing SAFe Business Agility. We will explore practical solutions for accelerating your transformation and getting it unstuck. Bring the biggest challenges you face in your organization and walk out with solutions you can put into action right away. 

In this workshop, you will: 

  • Share experiences with SAFe experts and your peers across industries 
  • Identify root causes and solutions in peer-to-peer deep dive discussions 
  • Develop a tailored action plan with measurable outcomes
  • Learn how to facilitate a similar workshop in your organization  

Level: Advanced
Who Should Attend: Executives, HR, LACE Members, Strategists, Transformation Leaders
Prerequisites: Review Lean Agile Leadership Competency article

Effective value stream identification and design are critical to accelerating value delivery. While SAFe provides value stream identification guidance, additional guidance is needed when building really big systems – systems that require organizing 1000s of practitioners, considering large-scale architectural initiatives, and accounting for business constraints.

In this workshop, you will share and utilize examples from multiple industry verticals – and you will learn what has worked at some of the largest organizations in the world. Alongside peers, you will consider emerging methods for value stream identification, including:

  • Considering new, updated, and interconnected development and operational value streams
  • Applying Conway’s Law and fracture planes to develop the future state architecture
  • Understanding how business constraints, such as investments, headcount, and market goals, influence VS design
  • Utilizing different ART patterns as defined by SAFe’s Business & Technology

You will learn how to identify ARTs, Solution Trains, and cross-product value streams across the organization, and/or multiple portfolios.  You will also be invited to identify and share struggles and gaps you have encountered while identifying and organizing value streams in a large-scale SAFe transformation.

Level: Intermediate
Who Should Attend: LACE Leaders, LPMs, Solution Management, SPCs, STEs
Prerequisites: Review Enterprise Solution Delivery Competency and Implementation Roadmap articles

Welcome Happy Hour

The 2023 SAFe Summit Nashville is the place to connect with old and new friends and create opportunities for collaboration. While every minute at the SAFe Summit is an opportunity to network, Wednesday’s happy hour is tailored for you to socialize and get to know your fellow attendees over cocktails and dinner in our fabulous Partner Marketplace.

Wednesday, August 16
Partner Marketplace –Ryman C2

At the Summit FAQs

All conference meals will be buffet-style and include vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. If you have additional dietary needs, please let us know during the registration process, and we will be happy to try to accommodate your request.

Yes; the venue is ADA-compliant. If you require assistive devices or have additional needs, please let us know during the registration process.

Conference attire is business casual. We recommend bringing a sweater or light jacket with you, as conference rooms can get chilly.

Summit participants – whether attendees, speakers, staff, exhibitors, or sponsors – shall conduct themselves with professionalism and civility at all times and demonstrate respect and courtesy to all. Scaled Agile reserves the right to rescind registration or attendance at the Summit at its discretion for violations of this policy.

Other FAQs

Speaking opportunities are by invitation only.
Please contact for more information.

Yes. SAFe Summit attendees get the flexibility to attend the most valuable sessions; they’ll need to self-report their PDUs for the event. To do so, please visit the PMI CCRS and enter PDUs for an event/conference.

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